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Veterinary Pain Management: Relief for Your Pet

Pets can’t tell us when or where it hurts, and they usually don’t cry when they are in pain. At Pet Medical Center, we understand that pets feel pain just like we do, but they manifest it differently. We feel that it is our obligation to identify and understand conditions that cause pain, to recognize the symptoms of pain, and to aggressively treat pain. Our goal is to treat pain proactively because pain management is much more effective when it’s done early.

Perhaps your pet has slowed down due to arthritis. Your pet may have been injured in an accident or a fight. You’ve brought your kitten in to be spayed. Your dog just had a tooth extracted. Maybe your older pet has been diagnosed with cancer. All of these occasions in a pet’s life require effective pain management.

We know that pain and suffering interferes with the quality of life that we all want our pets to have. Clinical research has shown that pain is more than just an unpleasant sensation; it can be very debilitating and can interfere with healing and with the immune system. This is why we have a comprehensive, multi-modal approach to pain management: we use supplements, injectable and oral medications, sustained release pain patches, nerve blocks, and laser therapy. We tailor the treatment to each pet’s individual needs.

When your pet needs surgery, the veterinarians at Pet Medical Center make sure that he or she is comfortable with medication administered before, during, and after the procedure by using an intravenous (IV) catheter. When it’s time to go home, we give you oral medication to keep your pet comfortable during the recovery process. We also employ the therapeutic laser to reduce pain, aid in healing, and decrease swelling and inflammation.

Pain Management for Senior Pets

As your pet ages, arthritis may be a factor making him or her seem slower and less able to do the things he or she loves. We can help with pain management. Pets benefit from the use of ongoing medication that will relieve pain and help with mobility. Dietary supplements can help both cats and dogs. There is much that the veterinarians at Pet Medical Center can do to ease your pet through the senior years. Be sure to talk with us about your senior pet’s comfort at his or her next appointment.

Therapeutic Laser

Pet Medical Center’s Chatoak location is pleased to be able to offer therapeutic laser treatments as an advanced method of pain management. The results of laser therapy in pets have been amazing. We are the first veterinary hospital in the area to have this treatment for your cat or dog and look forward to discussing it with you.