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Laparoscopic & Laser Surgery

Laparoscopic Surgery

Pet Medical Center is pleased to make laparoscopic surgery available to our clients. While today many human surgeries are performed laparoscopically, this is a newer innovation in pet surgery. Here at Pet Medical Center – Chatoak, laparoscopic surgery’s primary application is in spaying female pets, but it also is used for internal biopsies, removing urinary stones, and gastric dilatation volvulus (GDV) prevention.

What Is Laparoscopic Surgery?

Laparoscopic surgery is an operation that is performed through small incisions with the aid of a high definition camera and telescope. Since smaller incisions are required for the technique, it is sometimes referred to as “keyhole” surgery. Smaller incisions mean less tissue trauma, greatly reducing pain and speeding recovery. In the case of abdominal surgeries, the entire surgery can be performed through two or three tiny incisions, rather than a large abdominal opening.

Laparoscopic Surgery Provides Profound Benefits

Laparoscopic Surgery and Spays

In addition to being a more humane choice, when laparoscopic methods are used in a spay surgery, only the ovaries are removed. The uterus is left intact. This has been the procedure of choice for decades in Europe and retains most of the health promoting benefits derived from spaying.

Any surgery is a stressful situation, and we know that you want the best possible experience for your pet. Call us to discuss laparoscopic surgery, particularly if you are considering spaying your female cat or dog.

Veterinary Laser Surgery

Pet Medical Center is pleased to provide an alternative to traditional veterinary surgery. At Pet Medical Center’s Chatoak location, our patients have been experiencing the benefits of laser surgery for more than 10 years. The CO2 laser is very useful for a wide variety of soft tissue surgeries, especially growth removals; cyst removals; surgery on the ears, mouth, throat, and nose; and cancer surgery.

Your pet will experience profound benefits from laser surgery. More precise than a scalpel, the laser reduces bleeding and bruising with the end result being a faster, less stressful and less painful recovery from surgery.

Dr. Morshead, Dr. Belding and Dr. Binder are very experienced with laser surgery. They would be happy to discuss with you whether laser surgery is appropriate for your pet’s surgical needs.