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Veterinary Laboratory Testing for the Right Diagnosis

At Pet Medical Center, our goal is to provide your pet with the best possible veterinary health care. Since your pet cannot tell us in words if something is wrong, we rely on:

Veterinary laboratory testing is used for health screenings, pre-anesthetic evaluations, and as an aid in diagnosing pets with illnesses.

Pet Medical Center has an on-site clinical laboratory that provides us with the ability to perform complete blood counts, blood chemistry panels, urinalysis, blood coagulation tests, and several feline and canine virus tests.

Because we are able to obtain results within minutes, this is particularly valuable for immediate pre-anesthetic testing if your pet is about to undergo surgery, as well as for evaluation of your pet if there is an emergency.

Pre-anesthetic testing gives you with peace of mind and provides us with important physiological information on your pet immediately prior to anesthesia.

We also work extensively with outside laboratories when more comprehensive or specialized veterinary testing is required.