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Veterinary Services

Whether your dog has arthritis or your older cat needs its teeth cleaned, at Pet Medical Center we are ready to help them feel their best. We are a full-service veterinary hospital offering the following comprehensive and compassionate health care for your dog or cat:

Veterinary Diagnostic Testing

There are times when just looking with the naked eye isn’t enough to determine what’s wrong with your pet. Pet Medical Center has a complete array of tests that we do right here to make the right diagnosis.

The in-house laboratory at Pet Medical Center allows us to have test results in minutes. Then we begin treatment promptly.

In a Veterinary Emergency

In case of an accident or a sudden illness, it’s important to get treatment for your cat or dog right away. Pet Medical Center’s Chatoak location has a veterinary doctor and support staff on duty for emergencies from 7 a.m. until midnight. Call us at 818-363-7444. We are located at 17659 Chatsworth Street, Granada Hills, CA 91344.

If your pet experiences any of the following situations, it is best to seek immediate veterinary care: