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Meet Our Cat Doctors

All of Pet Medical Center’s veterinarians take care of both dogs and cats. But three of our doctors have a special interest in and affinity for cats. They explain in their own words their love for cats and their philosophy of treating them.

Dr. Linda Jackson

I understand the challenges and rewards of having cats. Cats are not small dogs! As you know, to understand cats, you must have cats! My passion for cats and their health has developed over my last 27 years of having cats and my 15 years as a doctor here at Pet Medical Center – Chatoak.

Currently, I have four cats, three of which are over 16! Of my four cats, two are hyperthyroid and one of these is a diabetic. One of the seniors is a semi-feral cat who adopted us and has remained with us over the last 17 years. I have a 3-year-old Calico who is obese from eating all the extra food that I leave around for the old ones who only nibble occasionally.

Cats are unique, breathtaking, challenging creatures and that is what I find exciting about feline medicine.

Dr. Lauren Kishimoto

I have always loved dogs, but it was not until recently that a cat named “Cricket” showed me how challenging and rewarding working with the feline species could truly be. I am certain that everyone has met a “Cricket” in their life, and I have chosen to be a feline practitioner to ensure that the bond can be as healthy and long-lasting as possible.

Dr. Senta Belding

“Cats are not small dogs.” This is a statement I heard many times during my years in veterinary school. Now that I have been practicing for over 10 years and have been a cat owner even longer, I have discovered for myself the wisdom of that statement. Cats are unique in many ways, including their behavior, spectrum of disease, response to drugs, manifestation of pain, and external signs during illness.

I have always been a “cat person”; however, I am also a “people person.” My goal as a feline practitioner is to minimize my patient’s stress, to practice good preventive medicine, and to educate my clients about their cats during each life stage. I enjoy explaining things and I endeavor to make your veterinary visit as comfortable as possible for both cat and owner. Whether your cats are easy to examine, intimidated by veterinary visits, or become aggressive when examined, I will treat them respectfully and with compassion and will work with you to create an appropriate and individualized lifelong health care plan.