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Dog Breath! Once Widely Accepted, Now a Primary Target

We all enjoy a good puppy smooch from time to time, but when that semi-sweet canine breath turns pungent, it’s not just a cue to hold your own breath. Indeed, dog breath may be something dog owners become accustomed to, but it should never be ignored. Dog breath is the first obvious sign of gum disease and is a real threat to your pet’s overall health, happiness, and longevity.

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A Profound Change: Achieving Optimal Health Through Pet Dental Care

iStock_000081523419_LargeIt’s well documented that establishing a new habit or routine takes about a month for the brain to learn,  process, and streamline new information. If you commit to only one new habit this year, let it be your understanding of – and devotion to – pet dental care.

Since each new year begins with great intentions, it’s fitting for February to be National Pet Dental Health month. You might be surprised at how profound the changes in pet dental care can be, and Pet Medical Center – Chatoak is happy to show you the ropes. Continue reading