When “Viral” Equals Awesome: Our Top Picks for Social Media Pets

From the skin to the brain, a viral infection can compromise the health of almost any body tissue. A viral video, however, is quite different, infecting onlookers with joy, happiness, and heartwarming moments–especially when it comes to pets! Images and videos that pop up on various social media sites can become internet sensations, spreading joy with millions of views, likes, and shares in less than a week’s time. Social media pets are simply infectious, no doubt!

Our feeds seem to be constantly awash in pictures, video clips, and anecdotal memes. The mainstays, such as Grumpy Cat, Keyboard Cat, Lil Bub, and Boo the Dog, are all pretty amazing, but do you ever feel like you’re missing out on other swoon-worthy social media pets?

In the Know

The world is just a swipe or click away. With mobile technology, we can connect with virtually anyone, or in our case–any pet–out there. To be sure, there are numerous social network sites that are pet-centric, but they don’t garner as much speed and steam as the larger ones. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube, there are dozens of other social media pets to be aware of.

The Stats

A new study found that owners of dogs post a picture or mention their pet on social media about 6 times every week, and 1 in 10 has a social media account just for their dog. These adults also watch pet videos or look at pet images at least 3 times every week, a phenomenon supported by millions of internet users and pet lovers alike.

Fortunately for us, these net-savvy pet owners, advocates, and guardians are making it easier than ever to spotlight an animal’s unique qualities, proclivities, and lifestyle.

Instagram Pets

Images are becoming the predominant form of blogging, microblogging, and, indeed, communication. On Instagram, the hashtags #dog and #cat appear 120 million times and 104 million times, respectively.

The following Instagram celebrities capture the meaningful relationship between animals and their owners, making these social media pets the kings and queens of our newsfeeds:

  • The Dogist This collection of quality photographs chronicles the many ways urban pets live and thrive.
  • Venus Two Face Cat Honestly, we’re hard-pressed to find a more strikingly handsome feline (and feisty, too!).
  • Earl the Grump If you like Grumpy Cat, this pup named Earl will win you over, as well.
  • Nala Cat This Siamese/Tabby offers a perky personality. Just look at those eyes!
  • Tuna Melts My Heart A favorite, Tuna’s rescue raised awareness for homeless animals. A Chiweenie, he was born with a recessed jawline, severe overbite, and has an awful lot of love to give. Check him out for a dose of joy!
  • Marnie the Dog Adopted from a shelter at age 11, Marnie continues to bring the giggles wherever she goes.
  • Mr. Bagel the Chinchilla Who doesn’t love a cheeky chinchilla?
  • Biddy the Hedgehog You’ll wonder where all your time went after checking out Biddy!

Other Social Media Pets We Love

On Twitter, check out these social media pets with larger than life followings:

Lastly, we’ll leave you with Kama the Surfing Pig to really get a glimpse of the power of social media pets and how much joy they spread to their followers.