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Five Simple Tips for Halloween Pet Safety

iStock_000013625143_MediumHalloween is a time for spooky stories, treat-or-treating, and ghoulish costumes; but it can also be a spooky time for pets, too, especially when we are not prepared. With Halloween’s delicious treats and candy snacks lying around in bowls and bags, it’s no wonder the week leading up to Halloween is one of the busiest times of year for the Pet Poison Helpline and veterinary clinics.

While potential poisoning is a major concern, there are numerous other risks associated with the holiday – from simply being too distracted and leaving our pet unsupervised, to the stress of frequent noise and strangers at the door. Continue reading

Back-to-School Pet Vaccinations

Veterinarian giving injection insulin to a catIf you have kids, chances are good that they needed a physical examination, and maybe even a vaccination or two, before they headed back to class this fall. Likewise, routine exams and vaccinations are an important part of preventative pet care. Now is the perfect time to bring your cat or dog in for a back-to-school wellness exam and vaccinations, too.

As you likely know, there are a number of pet vaccinations recommended for the four-legged friend in your life. However, not all vaccines are needed, or recommended, for every pet. At PetMed – Chatoak, we will help you decide which vaccinations to administer to your pet, and when to vaccinate based on your pet’s age, health, and lifestyle.

However, some vaccinations are likely to be recommended for most pets, most of the time. These vaccines are called “core” vaccinations, and are essential to your pet’s health. Core pet vaccinations typically include the following… Continue reading

Why Pet Dental Care is Important

reddogYour pet’s teeth are just as important to their health as your teeth are to your own health. Unfortunately, many pet parents don’t realize this. They see dental care as cosmetic or optional until the welfare of their pet’s mouth has reached critical status, or has already affected their overall health.

In fact, pet dental care is a much-needed part of the regular wellness care for your family pet and can have a significant effect on overall health. Unresolved dental issues can lead to problems for your dog or cat’s health, including: Continue reading

Therapeutic Laser Therapy and Your Pet



Did you know that Pet Medical Center Chatoak offers laser therapy for our pet patients? Cold laser therapy is cutting-edge technology in human medicine that is now making its way into veterinary practices. It has been used to treat people since the 1970s and became FDA approved in the United States in 1992. We are excited to be able to offer this revolutionary and effective treatment to those pets who can benefit from its effects.

What Laser Therapy Does

Light energy particles called photons are targeted at a selected area. The photons are then absorbed into the cells where they are converted into cellular energy. This energy stimulates changes in the cells in the targeted area, resulting in happier, healthier cells. Some of the positive effects include: Continue reading