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When “Viral” Equals Awesome: Our Top Picks for Social Media Pets

From the skin to the brain, a viral infection can compromise the health of almost any body tissue. A viral video, however, is quite different, infecting onlookers with joy, happiness, and heartwarming moments–especially when it comes to pets! Images and videos that pop up on various social media sites can become internet sensations, spreading joy with millions of views, likes, and shares in less than a week’s time. Social media pets are simply infectious, no doubt!

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A Blog Year in Review: Our Top Five Pet Blogs of 2016

Whether you loved it or loathed it, 2016 was one for the books. For the team at Pet Medical Center – Chatoak, every year is another opportunity to improve the lives of our animal friends. We always enjoy providing current information on all things pet-related to our clients and other pet lovers.

For many, nothing rings truer than the expression “information is power.” Knowing how to properly care for your pet empowers you to make his or her life a happy, healthy one.

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