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10 Things You May Not Know About Heartworm Disease

Most pet owners have heard of heartworm disease, and many of us dutifully administer a preventative medication to our pets each month. Thanks to a lack of public information, however, some pet owners don’t give their pets a preventative at all, or they don’t provide doses of the medication on a regular basis. Few pet owners truly understand the dangers of heartworm disease and the risk it poses to their pets.

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The Parasite Problem: Protecting Pets from Fleas, Ticks, and Mosquitoes

Ctenocephalides felisDid you know that there are over 2,200 species of fleas? Or that it just takes one species, Ctenocephalides felix (the cat flea), to cause untold misery to cats, dogs, rabbits and humans, as well as other mammals? What about the fact that ticks, especially deer ticks and Rocky Mountain spotted ticks, carry a hosts of diseases in both animals and humans? And then there are mosquitoes… the tiny pest that often “flies under the radar” when it comes to public understanding that they too can carry diseases that are potentially deadly to Fido and Fluffy…

With spring weather ramping up, protecting your pet from parasites and the misery they can cause becomes a paramount concern. And while we hope that your pet is on a year-round preventative, we know that not all pets are. So, if you are new to pet ownership, or just need a subtle reminder as to the importance of parasite prevention for pets, then you’ll want to read on. Continue reading