A Blog Year in Review: Our Top Five Pet Blogs of 2016

Whether you loved it or loathed it, 2016 was one for the books. For the team at Pet Medical Center – Chatoak, every year is another opportunity to improve the lives of our animal friends. We always enjoy providing current information on all things pet-related to our clients and other pet lovers.

For many, nothing rings truer than the expression “information is power.” Knowing how to properly care for your pet empowers you to make his or her life a happy, healthy one.

That’s why we’re proud to offer quality pet health information and resources in order to partner with you for the care of your pet.

Our Top Five Blogs of 2016

5. Pet Travel During the Holidays
Although the family cat or dog is often included in our December plans, traveling with a pet – especially during the holidays – can be challenging. After all, there’s no distracting Spot with a Gameboy or entertaining Fluffy with a Disney movie. Continue…

4. Always Prepared: Disaster And Earthquake Preparedness For Pets
Emergencies come in all shapes and sizes, and in our corner of the world they often take the form of earthquakes. By now, you and your family have probably experienced an earthquake or two (or three!), and you likely have a plan in place in the event you are evacuated or are unable to return to your home. Read More…

3. Protect Your Pet From the Dangers of Foxtails
Walking your dog is one of life’s greatest pleasures – until he or she unexpectedly runs through a patch of foxtails. Unfortunately, California foxtails don’t just clump together in small, avoidable pockets. Foxtails seem to be everywhere. From rolling hillsides to mountain trails, the dangers of foxtails should not be underestimated. Read On!

2. The Danger in Your Backyard: Pets and Sago Palms
Recently at Pet Medical Center – Chatoak, we have had a few pet patients made sick by the toxic sago palm. We wanted to take this opportunity to be sure that all of our readers recognize the dangers of this common plant and know what to look out for when it comes to pets and sago palms. Keep Reading…

1. Why Do Cats Love Boxes? Your Burning Questions Answered!
It’s the rare cat that doesn’t love boxes. Even non-cat owners know about this phenomenon; if you haven’t seen a meme or Youtube video depicting cats playing in, curling up in, and generally taking charge of boxes of all shapes and sizes, you’ve probably been living in a cave. Read It!

Make 2017 the Best Year for Your Pet

No matter how you feel about the past year, a new year is a great time to explore ways to make a difference. When it comes to your pet, we’re always here to provide assistance and answers to your questions.

We offer support when you need it and compassionate, high quality veterinary care to create a stellar year for your pet.