Why Do Cats Love Boxes? Your Burning Questions Answered!

Cat Looking Through a Hole in Cardboard BoxIt’s the rare cat that doesn’t love boxes. Even non-cat owners know about this phenomenon; if you haven’t seen a meme or Youtube video depicting cats playing in, curling up in, and generally taking charge of boxes of all shapes and sizes, you’ve probably been living in a cave.

Have you ever wondered why cats love boxes so much anyway?

Here at Pet Medical Center, Chatoak we believe in tackling life’s mysteries head on, which is why we’ve decided to delve into this particularly perplexing feline behavior. Although many have tried, so far no one has figured out definitively why the average cat seems compelled to cram him or herself into that three-sizes-too-small Amazon box sitting on your coffee table, while completely ignoring the $350 kitty condo you recently purchased and spent 3 days putting together.   Continue reading