Quick Tips for Dog Walking Etiquette

iStock_000007652815_LargeIf your plans this January include hitting the trails, city streets, or local parks with your canine companion, that’s great! However, keep in mind these important considerations for proper dog walking to keep things friendly no matter where you go.

Let’s Begin…Training and Socialization

Since many veterinary emergencies involve dog fights, bites, or injuries sustained during an accident, we want to stress the importance of obedience training and socialization. Both are a prerequisite for any dog before venturing out into the world. Continue reading

Top 5 Countdown of 2015


kittens jump out of a plastic box for transport on a white backgIt’s been a fantastic year with a wonderful cast, but as any story goes, a chapter must change. The year is up and that story sets a new stage for the next revolution around the sun upon this rock hurtling through space.

We have had amazing success with reaching many of our friends and their furry supporting actors in our blog articles. A new year directs us to review the top 5 articles for 2015. Continue reading