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Pet Insurance

You mean there’s health insurance available for my pet?

Absolutely! Pet insurance has been available since 1982 when one company began offering it. There are now many choices available. Unfortunately, only 3% of pet owners have insurance for their pets.

The quality of care that is now available for your pet in well-equipped general practices is amazing compared to just a few years ago. Along with this higher level of quality, costs are also rising. Many of the same pressures affecting human health care are also affecting veterinary care. Sophisticated medical technologies like MRIs, CAT scans, radiation therapy, critical care hospitalization and monitoring, as well as large multi-specialty referral hospitals, are becoming more readily accessible to owners who choose that level of care for their pets.

Most veterinary practices require payment at the time of service. Paying for excellent pet health care is becoming more difficult. In today’s challenging economy, health insurance for your pet makes sense. Pet insurance coverage is usually indemnity insurance, which means that you submit your bill and the insurance company will reimburse you directly. Each company operates differently and has different levels of coverage, which will determine how much they will reimburse you.

Pet Medical Center cannot recommend one insurance company, because only you can determine your individual needs. Research several companies and determine the right fit for you in terms of premium costs, coverage, exclusions, lifetime limits, and pre-existing conditions. To assist you, we have provided contact information and links to five companies below.